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Wood Polymer

By Wiedehopf

A revolutionary product, built for the warm and cold of Canada. Order your Wood Polymer today!

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Luxury or Durability?

Have Both With Wood Polymer Composite.

The bridge between you and a luxurious exterior is built with Wood Polymer Composite!

Wood Polymer Composite cladding project


Nothing says luxury like textures emulating the world’s most iconic species of wood.

Wood Polymer Composite project


All-around protection makes Wood Polymer ideal for long-enjoyed outdoor usage

Wood Polymer Composite decking project


Wood Polymer Composite is made mostly using recycled materials—giving new life to what used to be thrown in the landfill.

Where Can I Get Wood Polymer?

Wiedehopf Builds With Wood Polymer

Wiedehopf is your guide on the journey towards a beautiful Wood Polymer Composite exterior you love.

Wood Polymer Composite cladding and decking project

Expedient Supply

Our customers enjoy expedient access to the profiles, textures, and colors they need to nail their design!

Wood Polymer Composite cladding building

Design Expertise

Wiedehopf’s design team can help you envision the exterior design of your dreams!

Wood Polymer Composite installed zoom view

Quality Installation

Years in the cladding industry have seasoned our team to the intricacy of installation. Along with partners in the decking and fencing industry, we can tackle any project with ease!

Need Wood Polymer Composite?

Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion of how we can serve you and your project.

Wood Polymer Products

The all-around durability of Wood Polymer makes it well suited for exterior use. This composite material is great for cladding, decking, and fencing.

Cladding - Wood Polymer Composite


Beautiful rainscreen siding with options for cutting-edge castellation or the classic shiplap look. This is the wood siding of the future!

Decking - Wood Polymer Composite


Easy on the eyes, gentle on the feet, and steadfast against the scrapes, stains, and storms of daily use: Wood Polymer is an easy choice for decking projects!

Wood Polymer Composite fencing project


Tie an outdoor space together, and create privacy with luxurious and strong Wood Polymer Fencing. Through wind and rain, your fence will hold fast!

To learn more about Wood Polymer Composite, click here.