Wood Polymer Composite 

 Material Revolutionizing Exterior Design 

For a castellated or shiplap woodgrain look that makes no compromises when it comes to protection, choose Wood Polymer Composite for your next cladding, decking, or fencing project.

What is Wood Polymer Composite?

A Timeless Look, Built To Last.

Architects, contractors, and property owners all agree: nothing beats the warm aesthetic of wood. But what if we could achieve that look without sacrificing durability—with a product that will not rot or require repainting? Wood Polymer Composite is the cladding, decking, and fencing material that offers an authentic wood finish with the mettle to survive any exterior environment.

Wood Polymer Composite cladding project
Wood Polymer Composite profile

Wood Polymer Composition

Wood Polymer is made by mixing the polymer with wood shavings. The ratio between these two materials ranges from 4:1 to 3:2, resulting in a dense and sturdy composition. A waterproof plastic cap is wrapped around each board, and textured to emulate different grains of wood.

Looking to make no compromises in your next project?

Reach out to us today for a no-obligation exploration of what Wood Polymer Composite can bring to your exterior.

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Wood Polymer Composite Applications

Where Can I Get Wood Polymer?

Give our representatives a call for a no-obligation discussion of how we can serve you and your project.

Wood Polymer Cladding

Wood Polymer Composite can give your building the traditional look of Shiplap, or the ultra-modern aesthetic of castellation. All-around protection creates a worry-free rainscreen. Wood Polymer siding represents the future of exterior design.

Wood Polymer Composite cladding commercial project

Cladding With Confidence

Many homeowners have sought the woodgrain look for their exterior designs, but have been turned off by the impractical needs of natural wood. Wood Polymer siding is the cladding product that puts the beauty of wood and the resilience of polymer into one composite solution that will be a testament to the warmth, elegance, and strength of your building!

Wood Polymer Composite cladding project

Wide Application

Add character to commercial property, elegance to residential buildings: in any landscape Wood Polymer siding stands out along the skyline!

Wood Polymer Composite decking project

A Reliable Rainscreen

All around waterproof shielding makes for a rainscreen that you can trust to flash water away from your building’s envelope.

Wood Polymer Composite cladding project

Return On Investment

The low-maintenance of Wood Polymer cladding means that the initial investment of installation returns years of low-cost enjoyment.

Wood Polymer Decking

Stain-resistant, sturdy, and luxuriously fashionable: your decking will be the pride of patio season, year after year.

Wood Polymer Composite decking project

Patio Season Belongs To Wood Polymer

Decking has to be built tough to keep its beauty. Bearing the brunt of snow and ice in the winter and weathering everyday enjoyment in warm months leaves comparable products worse for wear. Waterproof, resistant to impact, stain and scratch-resistant, Wood Polymer Decking holds fast against dragging outdoor furniture, shrugs off the occasional spilled glass of wine, and makes for a luxurious environment for entertaining.

Wood Polymer Composite decking project

The Modern Deck

Wood Polymer is a picture-perfect product with modern notes that resonate, bringing luxury to your outdoor space.

Wood Polymer Composite decking project

The Look You Want

Multiple treatment options bring you classical, antique, and modern textures that get the feel and texture of your decking just right. Install as planks or wood tiles.

Wood Polymer Composite decking project

Bare Feet Friendly

Splinter-free, anti-corrosive, and built with no formaldehyde: bare feet love the worry-free feel of Wood Polymer Decking!

Wood Polymer Fencing

If good fences make good neighbors, Wood Polymer Composite fencing makes them great! Maximize privacy with a luxurious solution that is enjoyed on both sides of the fence.

Wood Polymer Composite fencing project

Frame Your Outdoor Living Space

Wood Polymer Composite makes the perfect frame for your outdoor living space—it is as practical as it is beautiful: you will enjoy seasons of low-maintenance enjoyment, while others stress about having to stain their fencing, replace rotting boards, and struggle with gates that will not close because their wood fencing has warped. Wood Polymer Composite makes for resilient fencing that encloses outdoor spaces with synergy and elegance.

Wood Polymer Composite fencing options

Fencing With Style

Chose from a wide array of colors and finishes. Accent your fencing with bold covers and caps that either compliment or contrast the natural quality of the Wood Polymer.

Wood Polymer Composite fencing project

Hassle-Free Fencing

Installation is expedient and will not be a disturbance to you or the neighborhood. Base plates can be drilled into anchor points for a secure and trustworthy hold.

Wood Polymer Composite fencing project

Low Maintenance

An outdoor space often requires a great deal of attention to keep beautiful. Wood Polymer Fencing is waterproof and resistant to deformation: all you have to do is enjoy it!

Creating Synergy In Your Exterior

The design freedom of Wood Polymer Composite unlocks a unified exterior, with cladding, fencing, and decking being holistically crafted to align in look and feel. Looking to create a synergized exterior space? The first step to beautiful cladding, decking, and fencing to speak with our Wood Polymer Composite representatives.

Wood Polymer Composite Benefits

Modern Wood Design

Wood Polymer Composite puts the world’s finest wood finishes at your disposal, with profiles that afford horizontal and vertical castellation for a uniquely modern look.


With all-around moisture protection, Wood Polymer Composite makes for rainscreen cladding you can trust.

Unrivaled Resilience

UV protection, stain resistance, impermeable from moisture: Wood Polymer Composite is made-to-last, with a 20-year warranty for worry-free exterior usage.

Easy Installation

Contractors love Wood Polymer Composite for its intuitive installation process. Clips are hidden for seamless fastening.


The old is made new in Wood Polymer Composite, primarily composed of recycled materials.

Effortless Maintenance

Gone are the days of applying fresh sealant and staining: Wood Polymer Composite will only ever need a little soap and water to keep fresh!

To learn what these benefits mean for your cladding, decking, or fencing project, call   +1(905) 761 9791   to speak to one of our Wood Polymer experts!

Wood Polymer Composite Color Options

The most luxurious wood finishes the world has to offer are available with Wood Polymer Composite. Below are a few popular options, click here to view our full color chart of options.

Standard colors for co-extrusion

Wood Polymer Composite color chart

Standard colors for standard WPC

Wood Polymer Composite color chart

Has a particular color caught your eye? Let us know.

We will get back to you with more info about our inventory and will discuss how we can easily supply beautiful Wood Polymer for your next project!

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Why Wiedehopf?

Southern Ontario’s Premier Source for Wood Polymer Composite

For years, Wiedehopf has pushed the envelope in modern cladding design—which is why we are excited to bring Wood Polymer Composite to partners and customers across southern Ontario. As experts in Design, Supply, Fabrication, and Installation, we can lead you through your entire exterior project and help you get the most out of this innovative product.

The First Step?

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